What does a site manager do?

What does a site manager do? - Hexagon Tower

It’s important to understand what each occupant needs from us in terms of space and infrastructure, as well as the nature of their work.

Simon Stuart, Site Manager at Hexagon Tower

You’ve found the perfect location for your business, set up your laboratory or office space and things are going swimmingly. But do you know what goes on behind the scenes to make sure that everything runs smoothly? Simon Stuart, Site Manager at Hexagon Tower, talks about some of the day-to-day things he gets involved in.

A multi-occupancy building can be home to businesses from a wide range of sectors, each of them with completely different needs. Hexagon Tower is no exception, providing accommodation for companies as diverse as commercial laboratories, housing associations, IT support and even the NHS. Simon explained: “Hexagon Tower was home to ICI’s research, development and production centre in a former life. It offers adaptable space for modern laboratories and office accommodation, and the occupiers have access to a range of on-site amenities, including a gym and the Hive restaurant. I work with the different in-house management teams to make sure that each business has the facilities and services it needs to operate successfully, draw up financial plans, engage with the on-site catering team and oversee building maintenance and health, safety and environmental considerations on behalf of the occupants and the landlord. It’s a very varied role. For instance, I started today on the roof of the building inspecting the lift shaft!”

“It’s important to understand what each occupant needs from us in terms of space and infrastructure, as well as the nature of their work. In the case of a laboratory, for example, we need to know whether hazardous chemicals are in use, and to work with the company to make sure that best practice is followed and chemical storage limits are observed. We also have regular lab audits and health and safety meetings. Sometimes a business wants to expand and the layout of the available rooms is no longer what they need. In that situation, we work with them and the landlord to see how we can adapt the space, just as we do with potential new occupants. It sometimes happens that we come across a solution that also benefits some of the other companies on site. The main thing is that we all work together.”

“But the corporate side of things is just one element of the job. We also have a social and environmental committee, with a representative from every business, the idea being that we align our goals and work together to achieve them. For instance, we’ve introduced schemes to recycle Pringle cans and crisp packets, which is not possible at most workplaces. We also plan to support the local community with fundraising events, donations towards equipment and outreach days, where local children can visit the labs and learn about careers in science. And for something completely different, there are times when I find myself liaising with film or TV companies working in the area who need to feature an iconic building or a laboratory setting. One thing’s for sure, every day is different!” Simon concluded.

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